FPS Success Made In Dun
1996 Bay Dun Morgan stallion
(Robbie-Sues Sweet Success X FPS American made)

Bay Dun
Morgan stallion
14.2 h

Elvis is a well known dun producer. He is our latest addition to our Morgan family and we hope to get many dun foals out of him in upcoming years. He has a sweet, mellow disposition and loves to be played with. He had some training when he was younger but has just been a breeding stallion for most of his life. But, from the way
he moves, I could see him being good at reining or other sporty diciplines.
January 2014
A short winter video of Elvis. January 2014
Platinum Gold Rose
     Dunskin Morgan filly
A few pictures of his foals I have found. If anyone has more, I'd love to put them on here!
     Amberfield's Indigo Skye
                 Grulla Morgan mare
    MSFM Faded Love
         Red dun Morgan mare
    Amberfield's Dun Heartbreakin
                   Grullo Morgan stallion
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    SierraGold Gunsmoke
            Black Morgan gelding
Buckskin colt: 2
Palomino colt: 1
Black filly: 1
Black colt: 1

Red dun colt: 2
Red dun filly: 1
Grulla filly: 2
Grullo colt: 2
Bay dun filly: 1
Dunskin filly: 1
Smoky grulla filly: 1
          As of 2012
April 2014